Tinnitus (TIN-i-tus or ti-NIGHT-us) refers to the perception of a sound when no external sound is present.


The quality of the sound is variable but often described as “ringing, pulsing, blowing, buzzing, whistling, clicking, chirping, or humming.” It can range from high pitch to low pitch, and occurs in either one ear, both ears, or inside the head.


The diagnosis of tinnitus is made based on subjective complaints of the patient. Currently there is no medical way other than with research subjects to test for or prove that someone suffers from tinnitus. However, to aid with treatment decisions, an audiologist can perform a tinnitus evaluation to determine the pitch of the tinnitus, the loudness of the tinnitus, and the masking potential.


Your audiologist can work with you and your physician to figure out which treatment option is best for you. Often times, a reduction in the presence of your tinnitus can be helped with simple lifestyle changes such as getting adequate sleep, exercising, eating a healthy diet, reducing sodium intake, and avoiding or reducing intake of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, or sugar.


Treatment options offered by WTRC include:


• Counseling regarding your tinnitus
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Habituation or Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
• Hearing aids
• Masking devices
• Specialized tinnitus instruments such as the SoundCure device


The audiologists at WTRC are trained and experienced professionals that can help you in understanding what you are experiencing and are here to help with your tinnitus needs.

Patient Stories

“The Rehab has been great as they listened to my needs. They fit me with hearing aids which help me talk on the phone at work while hearing a fuller, richer sound when I play the piano and my violin. I can now tell when I am off key! They have been patient with me as we worked out the bugs with my new hearing aids, getting them to work with my phone system at work. I can now talk on my office phone hands free and move throughout my office.” - Don Heller

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