Patient Stories

“I love hearing the sounds that I have missed. Birds chirping, singing in church and being able to understand. My life is good now and it is because of West Texas Rehabilitation Hearing and Balance Center.”

Roberta Dye

“The Rehab has been great as they listened to my needs. They fit me with hearing aids which help me talk on the phone at work while hearing a fuller, richer sound when I play the piano and my violin. I can now tell when I am off key! They have been patient with me as we worked out the bugs with my new hearing aids, getting them to work with my phone system at work. I can now talk on my office phone hands free and move throughout my office."

Don Heller

“Since I have received my devices I am full of confidence and feel like my life has become meaningful! The West Texas Rehabilitation Hearing and Balance Center has been careful to assure all my questions and adjustments have been professionally taken care of by a great staff. And the best part is that I can hear and respond to my grandchildren again and share smiles with them. Thank you!”

Esther Pierce

“The staff at the West Texas Rehab Hearing and Balance Center are truly a blessing to those with auditory difficulties! For a better portion of my life I lived with the idea that my hearing difficulties were normal until the staff here caught the discrepancy. They streamlined every process, and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Within a matter of weeks, they had arranged the acquisition of a pair of hearing aids for me. It would such an amazing change in the quality of my life. The competency and compassion exhibited by the staff here is exemplary. Without a doubt the best audiology practice I’ve ever trusted, and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Danielle Vargo

Dear Dr. Amanda,

Thank you for the care and evaluation you did when I came in. I appreciate your explanation and professionalism in our appointment. Thank you for working at WTRC.

Kindest Regards,
Vonnie Perry

"Very satisfied with my new hearing aids. They are well worth the money that I paid. These are so much better than the first and second pair I received somewhere else. Also staff is very helpful." - Vera Gayle Conley

“My new aids work great for me singing in my church choir. Singing tenor, can now hear the sopranos behind me! Great wind noise reduction too and the balance is superb!" - Ken Turner

“My experience with the Rehab Audio Center has been very pleasant and from the initial examination and six weeks following, my opinions are changed from a prior experience with another hearing aid. These have been great from the first day. As an added bonus- they were less expensive!" - Kay Hawari

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