Why Choose Rehab Hearing Professionals?

Our Audiologists have Doctoral degrees and are on site to provide thorough assessments required to determine the hearing solution that is right for you. Their education alone requires at least eight years of training and 2000 plus hours of clinical experience. There is no other hearing professional working with hearing aids and assistive listening devices who has as much medical training of the ears.

Why Choose Rehab?

The Audiology Department at West Texas Rehabilitation Center has long been recognized for its outstanding service to individuals in the Abilene, San Angelo and surrounding counties. Our commitment to serving patients is not limited to audiological care but includes a vast array of services. To learn more about other services provided by West Texas Rehab visit our website.


Patient Stories

“Since I have received my devices I am full of confidence and feel like my life has become meaningful! The West Texas Rehabilitation Hearing and Balance Center has been careful to assure all my questions and adjustments have been professionally taken care of by a great staff. And the best part is that I can hear and respond to my grandchildren again and share smiles with them. Thank you!” - Esther Pierce