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Prices of hearing aids depend on the level of technology you choose. The level of technology selected is based on your hearing loss and listening lifestyle, as well as your budget.


We are committed to finding the best hearing aid for the best pricing that fits your needs. We treat our patients just like we would treat our own family members.


Premium Care Plan


This program is designed to bring you exceptional worry-free hearing technology care throughout the life of your hearing instrument(s).



Cochlear Implant Services at WTRC


A cochlear implant is often considered the next step for a person whose loss is so severe he or she no longer receives any benefit from wearing traditional hearing aids. A cochlear implant is an electronic device that is surgically implanted into the cochlea in the inner ear for a person with severe to profound hearing loss. Sound is received by the cochlear implant processor that is worn behind the ear and converted into digital information. This digital information is then transmitted to the internal implant which converts that information into electrical signals that are dispersed among the contacts on the electrode array. These electrodes follow the shape of the cochlea, stimulating the nerve fibers and sending sound signals to the brain. These signals are what ultimately become sounds such as speech or music.


The West Texas Rehab Hearing and Balance Center is the only facility in the entire Big Country and Concho Valley area with the expertise to work with cochlear implants manufactured by Cochlear Americas and Advanced Bionics. We are able to help cochlear implant patients who previously had to drive to Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio or Lubbock for services.


For more information on cochlear implants, please see the cochlear implant manufacturer’s websites:



Patient Stories

“The Rehab has been great as they listened to my needs. They fit me with hearing aids which help me talk on the phone at work while hearing a fuller, richer sound when I play the piano and my violin. I can now tell when I am off key! They have been patient with me as we worked out the bugs with my new hearing aids, getting them to work with my phone system at work. I can now talk on my office phone hands free and move throughout my office.” - Don Heller

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