Hearing Loss: I’m Already Wearing Hearing Devices

We work with a variety of hearing device manufacturers. If you have purchased hearing devices at another clinic contact us for a complimentary consultation to determine if we can provide you with better hearing needs.


• Are you still having difficulty hearing in certain situations? There is new connectivity available. We want to help you hear better in all situations.


• If your hearing aid needs repair, we have onsite labs with the ability of trained professionals to help repair and modify your device. However, we do have the ability to send off the devices to the manufacturers if needed. If you choose to upgrade to new technology with us within 6 months of paying for your repair, that repair charge will be credited toward your new purchase.


• I bought my hearing aids 5 years ago, what improvements would I get if I tried new hearing aids?


• Improvements that you would see include the following: feedback management
(no squeal), synchronized communication b/w hearing aids (for ex., you push 1
button and it changes both aids), bluetooth connectivity, for ex., TV Streaming
and hands free cellphone use, improved water resistance, more natural sound
processing, smaller and more attractive casing.


Come and talk to us (Abilene (325) 793-3490 or San Angelo (325) 223-6360) about the benefits of coming to the Hearing & Balance Center at West Texas Rehab.

Patient Stories

“The Rehab has been great as they listened to my needs. They fit me with hearing aids which help me talk on the phone at work while hearing a fuller, richer sound when I play the piano and my violin. I can now tell when I am off key! They have been patient with me as we worked out the bugs with my new hearing aids, getting them to work with my phone system at work. I can now talk on my office phone hands free and move throughout my office.” - Don Heller

Leading Manufacturers

Resound WidexOticonLyric StarkeySiemen SoundCureRextonCochlearPhonak